Black People, It’s Personal

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Does Becky Do It Better???

Its too many brothas dropping a Bianca just to get with a Becky...... And the Becky be ugly :(


Black Children…….. Its Personal

Black Children are something else these days...... and guess what ? So are todays parents. Are we going to raise our black children today, or is society already their mommy/daddy?


The Black Family: Black Men: Emotional Egos Pt.2

Some of us make being a black man in Amerikkka harder than it needs to be, but there is alot of obstacles and tribulations that comes with being a black man. How do you strive to overcome the struggles of being a black man today? Do your emotions or ego get in the way of being a better black man...? Ask Yourself.


The Black Family: Black Women…. Know Your Role Pt.1

A black woman's pain. A black woman's consistency. A black woman's opportunity. A black woman's bittnerness. A black woman's black man...... BLACK WOMEN.... KNOW YOUR ROLE. 

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The Support From A Sistah

The support from a black woman will take a black man a long wayyyyyyy.


Gunz Vs Amerikkka

Mental illness my a$$. We know Amerikkka be ploting these school shootings. What yall think?


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This Is Black America

What does being black in Amerikkka means now and days???? OOPS i mean America :)


Domestic Violence in Black Homes

in this episode, we talk about domestic violence. What makes a person want to harm their spouse in a physical way? What reasons do some women stay in abusive relationships? Can a woman recover and heal from domestic violence? comment below,⬇⬇⬇

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The Continuance of Police Brutality Against Black People

On our first episode, we discuss why is there a continuance of police brutality against blacks.

-what can we do after we protest against it?

-Where are the voices and bodies of black law enforcers when situations like these happen?

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