Black People, It’s Personal

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#LetsTalkAboutThis : Tale of The Spitting Black Man

Y'all seen when Rondo spat at Chris Paul. Word is that we be spitting at our own lives, our own people, and our own situations... Let's talk about it. 


White Supremacists with Black Faces

It's in our schools, our communities, in politics, in law enforcement, hell even on social media. Beware brothas and sistahs, you have black people pushing the white man's agenda too.... Kanye West ūüėí


The Rise of Bitter Black Women

BITTER BLACK WOMEN..... Let that hurt go and own your s**t . Y'all need to be accountable for y'all actions and STOP acting out on pain. Y'all will let black men, black women, and even your own kids suffer due to not letting that pain go and acting out on it.

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Black Gays…? Are You Gay Forreal….. Or NAH!!!

LOL our community don't want to believe it but homosexuality is a trend that is steady rising in the black community. It is emotional, mental and definitely spiritual warfare of why homosexuality is poisoning our people. How can we stop this because this is a tool used against us to control population for our people. #blackpeopleitspersonal

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Black people, you know that having babies with white people is like watering down kool aid right. Oh before all yall call us racist and give us that " love is love" bs dont throw no shade on us for promoting black on black love or wanting to keep things black. 

#blackpeopleitspersonal #blacklove #blackexcellence


A Scorned Black Woman vs A Scorned Black Man…. Whose Worse

WE NEED ANSWERS..... Listen to this intense debate on which is worse between a scorned black woman or a scorned black man. Who do yall think is worse???


Does Becky Do It Better???

Its too many brothas dropping a Bianca just to get with a Becky...... And the Becky be ugly :(


Black Children…….. Its Personal

Black Children are something else these days...... and guess what ? So are todays parents. Are we going to raise our black children today, or is society already their mommy/daddy?


The Black Family: Black Men: Emotional Egos Pt.2

Some of us make being a black man in Amerikkka harder than it needs to be, but there is alot of obstacles and tribulations that comes with being a black man. How do you strive to overcome the struggles of being a black man today? Do your emotions or ego get in the way of being a better black man...? Ask Yourself.


The Black Family: Black Women…. Know Your Role Pt.1

A black woman's pain. A black woman's consistency. A black woman's opportunity. A black woman's bittnerness. A black woman's black man...... BLACK WOMEN.... KNOW YOUR ROLE. 

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